Previous Litters

On February 9, 2019, 10 beautiful and healthy puppies were born.
Puppies are developing properly, they have no visible flaws to this day.
Parents “K” litter:
TRIUMF SIBIRI VAIS VSIEGDA PIERVYI (Junior Champion of Poland and Champion of Poland in progress)
HD “A”
Wonderful character and origin
TUNDRA SARATORDIA FCI (Junior Champion of Poland and Champion of Poland)
Stawy biodrowe: HD “A”
Female from our kennel (description and photos attached to our females)
female “yellow”

female “aquamarine”

female “pink”

female “sea color”

female “violet”

female “red”

male “burgundy”

male “orange”

male “dark blue”

male “blue”



17.05.2018 6 puppies were born: 3 females and 3 males

Again, parents are:
our Reproductor: WELL DIABLO from the Abacus Court
IRA (priv TORA) Culture Heroes
(more information about puppies’ parents in the “our dog” and “our bitch” tabs

The puppies were born healthy and without any complications. As of today, they develop properly and quickly gain weight.

BAJLA Saratordia

BELLA Saratordia

BONITA Saratodia

BARON Saratordia

BARTON Saratordia

BEJ Saratordia


Receiving pictures of amused, happy, healthy dogs and thanks from their owners: for the care taken in their start and preparation for life, we decided that in May 2018 will be another litter from the same mating.

Mom will be Tora – our healthy, strong bitch who is a wonderful mother. Father will be beautiful titled Well Diablo, who finally took on a great masculine (male) figure and is a dog with wonderful character.

I present pictures of our “kids” from the age of 6-9 months. They grew a bit and we are proud and happy that they are healthy and have great homes.

TORA Saratordia FCI – 22.09.2017

TAJFUN Saratordia FCI – 22.09.2017

TORA Saratordia FCI and TUNDRA Saratordia FCI- 02.09.2017

TALIZMAN Saratordia FCI – 02.09.2017

TAJFUN Saratordia FCI – 02.09.2017

Puppies dewormed and grafted according to age. They have health books and metrics.
Father: Well Diablo of Abakus Court,
Mother: IRA priv Tora – Culture Heroes FCI
Both parents tested for dysplasia: HD “A”, ED 0/0
We have 4 dogs and 2 females looking for new home.
welcome 🙂

New pictures (23.07.2017):

Latest pictures (09.07.2017):

Puppies from T litter has 2 weeks. They are healthy and fast growing 🙂 They start to open their eyes and stand on their own feet. Feel free to make a reservation 🙂

On 15.06.2017 3 females and 5 males were born.