About us

Welcome to the website of the American Akita kennel: Akita Saratordia FCI​, registrated at ZKWP Koszalin.

Short story of our kennel:

In our house dogs were always present. For most of the time they were mixed-breeds, because we just couldn’t afford a purebred. A few years ago an opportunity to buy a purebred dog arose.  And here a problem appeared: what breed should we get? Due to my sympathy towards big dogs and the fact that we have a huge area of land surrounding our house, me and my husband decided to buy an American Akita. At the start, we were a little bit afraid of this breed, because Akitas are often described as individualists with tendencies to dominate. However taking into consideration our 20-years-worth of experience with different dogs, learning about their behavior and our efforts to understand their thinking, we decided to take the challenge… And so in October 2015 we had a new dog in our household- a female American Akita  named IRA priv Tora from Culture Heroes kennel.

Our fears quickly disappeared. Akita turned out to be a very caring and lovable dog with a huge intelligence and ability to keep her pride respected. It is not possible to not love this breed. Although, if an unconditionally obedient dog, that does all you order him to do is what you seek, then you may be disappointed. Akitas will do everything, but under one condition- they must want to do so and it must also be profitable for them. 

At the beginning we hadn’t any plans of creating a kennel… But in February 2016 we participated in our first Dog Show as handlers of our dog and so… It started. The amazing atmosphere of the show, Tora’s score: Very Promising, and her First Place in the class (Puppy), made the decision simple, we had to try competing in the shows ourselves. The fact that Tora felt very comfortable among the dogs and the buzz of the show also had a strong influence on our decision. She was fearless, curious and finally got to see “the Great World”, after the boring and carefree life in the countryside.

Akita is a breed that doesn’t require much movement (like, for example, Husky), nonetheless it dislikes boredom and routine. They are dogs with strong personalities, valuing their independence. That is why, to keep our Tora occupied, we decided to get a companion for her. And so, in March 2016, Well Diablo from Dwór Abakusa kennel appeared in our house. He was just a 4-month puppy, 4-months younger than her, but his arrival made a strong impact on our house. He tried to dominate and subjugate, not only Tora, but also us. Thanks to our first Akita’s calmness and self-control, the number of fights between the dogs wasn’t that big, and after some time, it was her that made the rules in the upcoming herd. To this day, they are a great couple, living in peace.

Raising our dogs we make maximum efforts so that they are healthy, well-disposed towards people, and most importantly, happy. Every vaccine, deworming and preventive examination are performed in a professional veterinary office in Szczecinek. Our dog’s diet consists of fresh, raw meat with appropriate supplements suited to the needs and age of each dog, according to BARF (RAW) diet.

Details about each dog and its achievements are described in separate posts.